CBS Will Make “Aggressive” Offer To Try & Keep Tony Romo Away From ESPN

(Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images)

When Tony Romo retired from professional football and went straight to the booth, no one had a clue of how good he was going to be so quick.

CBS found a diamond in the rough. Now, that diamond might be headed out for good.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, CBS is aware that Romo will demand a “huge increase” in salary, and is prepared to compete aggressively to prevent him from leaving the network.

“CBS wants to keep the Romo buzz as it looks to retain its package of games, and the prospect of pairing Jim Nantz with a new partner in a Super Bowl year is undesirable.

It understands that ESPN might offer a crazy salary, but is prepared to play the high-stakes game of chicken, knowing it has the final at-bat with its contractual right to match any Disney offer.”

Romo made a little more than $3 million this season, with reports stating he could command $10 million-plus with his new contract.

If CBS fails to retain Romo, there isn’t an immediate replacement in mind right now. They might look at recently retired Panthers LB Luke Kuechly or even Drew Brees or Philip Rivers if they both choose to step away from the game as well.

Only time will tell. It’s a good position for Romo to be in.