Chiefs Stole 4th-And-1 Spin Play From The 1948 Rose Bowl (VIDEO)

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is a thief….in a good way.

He revealed he stole a play from Michigan in the 1948 Rose Bowl against USC early on in the 1st half against the 49ers.

The play helped convert a fourth down before the Chiefs scored their first touchdown of the night.

“You know what that game, that play comes from – if I’m not mistaken – a 1949 Rose Bowl,” Bieniemy said. “I probably shouldn’t be giving this away. The Rose Bowl Michigan vs. USC. And so, it’s just a play that we’ve been working and wondering when we can polish it off. It was fun to watch. It was fun to watch. And those guys did a great job of executing it. I mean all that hard work and practicing that play for the entire season, it just worked and it paid off.”

Here’s the play:

From the 1948 Rose Bowl:

After a lackluster first 3 quarters, Patrick Mahomes led a fourth-quarter comeback to secure their second championship in franchise history.

He threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, and Damien Williams’ rushing touchdown sealed the victory.

Mahomes was ultimately named MVP after he finished the game 26-of-42 for 286 passing yards and two passing touchdowns.