Cheerleading Competition in St. Louis Turned Into A Massive Brawl (VIDEO)

Two cheerleading squads in the St. Louis area got way too fired up during a cheer battle and now it has one of the two squads getting their program suspended, according to KMOV4.

The East St. Louis High School’s cheerleading program has been shut down for the remainder of the season after a massive brawl broke out during a match against Trinity Catholic High School.

The below video shows both squads going back and forth with cheers near center court before they got too close and fists started to get thrown.

East St. Louis Superintendent Arthur R. Culver cancelled the rest of the season and released the following statement:

“We expect our teams to conduct themselves in a manner that will protect the safety of athletes, officials, coaches and spectators at sporting events. We regret that our cheerleading team did not conduct themselves in a manner commensurate with these expectations. After a thorough investigation, consequences were administered which resulted in the immediate conclusion of the cheerleading season for this school year. We will not lower our expectations and will consistently take strong action when safety and sportsmanship is compromised.”