Study Finds Fantasy Players Cost Employers Thousands In Lost Wages Annually

(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Over the past few years, fantasy sports has exploded with thousands, if not millions of people participating in it, but it has had a negative effect on productivity in the workplace.

A new study, that was a survey of nearly 1,000 employed fantasy football and basketball participants, showed that those in upper-management positions wasted an average of $12,031 of their employer’s money annually.

Those folks in mid-level management cost their employers an average of $9,312 annually. Then we have entry-level employees coming in last and costing an average profit loss of $6,204 annually.

Other data compiled Via The Sleep Judge:

“Forty-eight percent of football fans and 54% of basketball fans were more excited about their fantasy team winning than they were about their real-life favorite squad succeeding.”

“The majority of people in our study stayed up late to play fantasy sports during the workweek, and they played an average of 2.3 nights per week.”

“…over 40% of survey participants, losing sleep meant enduring a small decrease in work productivity. For another third, staying up late was a recipe for a substantial decrease in productivity. Even 16 minutes of sleep loss can keep people distracted and off-task the next day.”

Check out the below graphs: