Troy Aikman Almost Got Destroyed During Mid-XFL Game Interview With Pat McAfee (VIDEO)

The XFL came back to us in a big way with their slate of games over the weekend. Not only did we have a look at some noticeable players on the field, but we also got the chance to see former players checking out the action as well.

ESPN was broadcasting an event and had former NFL punter Pat McAfee working the sidelines and interviewing people.

He caught up with Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman while players were doing battle on the field, and it almost got Troy killed as players came running in after a play.

Aikman and McAfee both side=stepped the wide receiver as you could hear the ex-punter tell Aikman to “get out of the way.”

The 53-year-old still has some awareness in him after all these years.

Unfortunately for Aikman, the Dallas Renegades went on to lose the game.