Antonio Brown Says He Was Tricked Into Signing Confidentiality Agreement With Sexual Assault Accuser

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

With all the things Antonio Brown is currently dealing with, you sort of forget about the alleged sexual assault he is still dealing with that has him currently out of the NFL and waiting on the league’s investigation to finish.

The controversial WR is now saying the woman accusing him of rape of making false criminal accusations against him to try and force a settlement, according to the Blast.

“According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brown says he was tricked into signing a confidentiality agreement with his sexual assault accuser.”

His former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, sued him last year and accused him of sexually assaulting her on three different occasions. He has denied all accusations, ultimately countersuing her of defamation, claiming their encounters were consensual. His suit stated, “Brown did not rape Taylor, nor did he exert physical force upon Taylor. Taylor and Brown had a consensual sexual intercourse on May 20, 2018.”

He even claims to have proof saying they, “were filmed in romantic and sexually suggestive positions and situations, wherein consent is evident.”

The report continues:

“In newly filed documents, Brown is asking the court to void a confidentiality agreement he signed with Taylor prior to her filing suit.

He reveals Taylor tried to hash out a settlement with Brown before suing him. He says a year after their last sexual encounter a lawyer reached out to his team. The lawyer demanded Brown sign a confidentiality agreement before he would release details of the alleged “serious sexual assault.”

He says after suing the agreement the lawyer handed over a draft of a lawsuit that accused him of more than sexual assault. Brown says it included, “scandalous and defamatory assertions that Defendant had engaged in other criminal and non-criminal conduct unreleased to the Plaintiff.” Brown was aware the mere publication of the, “even though untrue”, would jeopardize his football career and personal relationships.

Brown says he tried to settle the matter with Taylor for months, but she refused to turn over any evidence to back up her claims. He says once she filed the lawsuit it removed all mentions of the criminal allegations. He says he would have never signed the agreement if he wasn’t pressured. He wants the deal signed with Taylor found void. Brown believes it will allow him to build his defense in the case.”

In her lawsuit, she claims the first sexual assault was in 2017 where she says Brown “exposed himself and kissed her without consent.”

The next incident came the following month where she says Brown masturbated near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back.

The third incident allegedly happened in 2018 where Taylor the football star “forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her.”

This case is still ongoing and might continue well in 2020.