LaVar Ball Goes On Furious Rant About How Outspoken He’s Going To Be After LaMelo Ball Gets Drafted (VIDEO)

I hope you enjoyed that quiet time you had when LaVar Ball seemingly disappeared from the public eye. It’s coming back in a big way.

LaMelo Ball’s lone season in Australia ended on a sour note after he got injured, but the 18-year-old is expected to be selected somewhere in the top-3 of the NBA Draft.

Much like what he did with Lonzo Ball before and after he got drafted, LaVar Ball is expected to be just and loud and opinionated about LaMelo’s career. We know this, because he said so in the latest episode of Ball in the Family.

It all began when Big Baller Brand’s new manager Chris Rivers advised LaVar against being so outspoken because it could negatively affect the brand and his son’s draft stock.

LaVar wasn’t having it.

LaMelo’s manager, Jermaine Jackson, then tried to speak to him later in the episode with similar concerns. That’s when an NBA scout asked what would happen if a team took him #1 and only played him 12 minutes a game.

All hell broke loose as transcribed via FTW:

“Here’s the thing — as long as they do the right thing. Don’t draft my son and play him no 12 minutes and think I ain’t gonna say (expletive). Who’s ever been drafted No. 1 and plays 12 minutes? So don’t act like I ain’t gonna say nothing. I’m gonna go crazy as (LaMelo). So, if that’s what they wanna say, hey, do the right thing. My son gonna be at the team where he’s supposed to be at. But if you don’t have no confidence in him, don’t be drafting him no No. 1, and don’t be doing (expletive) with him. That’s a waste!”

“And if somebody ask me something, I’m gonna do the exact same (expletive) I did last year. So, hey, whether you take him one or two, it’s on you. He’s gonna be that No. 1 pick, and like I said, all these other folks wanna be acting like till you get up there, and it’s they turn to pick, I guarantee you they ain’t passing up on your boy.”

A producer from the show then asked him if he thought those concerns from NBA officials were valid:

“No. The confidence that I have in my kids is the confidence that I have in them, and people have they own opinion of me on the outside because my confidence is too high for them. Because when it comes down to it, I’m not playing. And they’re not gonna bypass an opportunity of a person like Melo on the fact that he’s so young and so talented … I’m gonna be me.”

Check it out: