Raiders QB Job Listed On Hiring Platform To Replace “Crybaby” Derek Carr (PIC)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Derek Carr hasn’t played a single game for the Raiders in Las Vegas and fans down there don’t seem to want him to make the trip to be with the franchise in 2020.

Just months away from the first official game at Allegiant Stadium — someone took to and listed the Raiders QB as a job that needs somebody competent to take over.

The job description reads as:

“We need a QB to replace our current one because he is just not cutting it. Somebody who can make throws and isn’t that much of a crybaby.

Looking for someone like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.

If you compare yourself to Jay Cutler or Mark Sanchez this job may not be for you. Also, Jamarcus Russel. Don’t be a Jamarcus Russel.”

The pay listed was just for $2.00/hour.