REPORT: Antonio Brown’s Lawyer Withdraws As His Counsel From Sexual Assault Case

It seems like everybody wants to get as far away from Antonio Brown as possible.

Antonio Brown was accused of sexual assault and rape by his former trainer, Britney Taylor, shortly after he signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots. Those allegations arose during a civil lawsuit that caused the league to open an investigation on him, which has yet to be concluded.

Now he has another issue after attorney Camille Blanton of Billing, Cochran, Lyles, Mauro & Ramsey filed a motion in Broward County court last week to withdraw as counsel for Brown.

The reason for the motion is unclear.

Taylor accused Brown of sexually assaulting her twice in June 2017 and then alleged that he raped her in May 2018.

As a result, Brown was never picked up by another team after being released by the Patriots on September 20th.

On Nov. 20, he filed a countersuit against Taylor.

“Mr. Brown is committed to his continued aggressive response to Taylor’s false allegations,” Blanton said at the time in all-caps statement. “Not only does Mr. Brown seek to clear his name, but he also desires to make a statement that there is not an open season to extort professional athletes.”

On top of losing his Nike endorsement deal, his longtime agent Drew Rosenhaus severed ties with Brown on Jan. 16 in a letter sent to the NFL Players Association.

Basically, he has a lot of freaking issues and we haven’t even mentioned the fact that he turned himself in for an alleged assault on a moving truck driver.