XFL Commissioner Says Teams Could Sign College Freshman & Sophomores In The Future (VIDEO)

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The XFL is coming off a very successful first Week of football during their reboot of the professional league.

Along with the many rules that have that differ from the National Football League, one of the biggest ones might be coming n the form of the league allowing college athletes to come in early.

Wednesday morning on the “Dan Patrick Show,” XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said that teams in the league “have the ability to sign a college freshman or sophomore.”

Luck added: “We haven’t dipped our toe in that pond, but we could in the future.”

The NFL requires draft-eligible players to be three years removed from high school.

Before the XFL season kicked off, Luck had previously stated it would be a “case-by-case basis” on if it would attempt to sign younger college talent.

The NBA currently has a one-and-done rule in place for college basketball players, but that likely will end in 2022.