Las Vegas’ Oddsmaker Drops Prediction For The Best XFL Team vs. 2019 LSU Tigers

For years, many have tried desperately to state how the best college football team could defeat the worst NFL team. It’s simply not a fact.

Now, we may have a more reasonable argument with the XFL making waves after a successful Week 1. It has now been presented the question: “Who would win: The 2019 LSU national championship team, or an XFL team?”

On Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show — Patrick posed that question to USA TODAY oddsmaker Danny Sheridan and he went on to explain that both the DC Defenders and Houston Roughnecks, who both scored over 30 points, would be favored by 7.5 points over the Tigers.

“Since they are considered semi-pros, and the best that didn’t make an NFL team, based on them playing this weekend I’d make the DC Defenders or the Houston Roughnecks a -2 favorite to win the league after Week 1 and 7.5 point favorite vs. LSU,” Patrick read on-air.

Dan Patrick did not agree with that assessment.

Both the Roughnecks and Defenders have rosters full of either NFL castoffs or former college stars who weren’t good enough to make the league.

The 2019 LSU Tigers will go down in history as one of the best teams ever fielded in college football history.

Give the XFL teams more time to play and gel and then we can really ask this question at the end of the season.