NHL’s Shortest Player Won A Fight Against A Guy 11 Inches Taller Than Him (VIDEO)

Unless you actually watch the National Hockey league, then likely have no earthly idea who Nathan Gerbe is. Well, he is a man who defied the odds by being in the professional league despite him only standing at 5’4″ tall, which makes him the second shortest player in the entire history of the National Hockey League.

Gerbe has enjoyed a long career in the NHL as he made his debut back in 2008 and has played 422 career games.

The 32-year-old currently plays with the Blue Jackets, and during last night’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers — Gerbe leveled Philadelphia captain Claude Giroux with a massive body check.

That prompted Giroux’s teammate Travis Sanheim, who stands 6’3″, to rush in to defend and confront Gerbe. Big mistake.

Gerbe took him down to the ice and started throwing punches.

This was actually the second time in the span of a month that Gerbe challenged a much bigger guy to fight: