Roy Jones Jr. Slams Deontay Wilder After Loss, Ends Any Debate That He Stacks Up With Mike Tyson

Former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr. thinks Deontay Wilder had already lost his fight against Tyson Fury in the very first round. Millions watched as the Bronze Bomber not only lose his heavyweight title, but get completely dominated throughout at the MGM Grand on Saturday night before his corner finally threw in the towel in the seventh round.

After a few excuses thrown out there, Wilder has said he will trigger a rematch clause, as he remains furious that the fight was stopped in the 7th.

Jones told CBS Sports’ State of Combat podcast: ‘He probably feels he [still had a chance] because he dropped Fury two times in the first fight but he was feeling much better in that fight because Fury wasn’t fighting with a game plan, he was still learning him.

‘In the second fight, Fury had a great game plan and was executing it to a T! He was executing it to a T and there was nothing to do for Wilder but to go downhill.

‘There was no uphill for him in that fight and anybody that thought he had a chance is crazy because Fury had broken him down from round one and he was going downhill since then. If Wilder thought he had a chance, he was wrong and I’m sorry but that’s just what the facts are.’

He then touched on whether Fury is an all-time great and how Wilder’s record doesn’t stack up to the likes of Mike Tyson.

‘You can’t call [Fury] an all-timer because the bully [Wilder] just hadn’t been bullied yet. The bully beat a lot of people, don’t get me wrong. But if you look back at the names on [Wilder’s] record, they don’t add up to the names on Mikey Tyson’s record.

‘The only person that has a record that we knew anything about — and he never had a professional career and was a celebrated amateur, at best — was [Luis] Ortiz. Ortiz was a good fighter but with his lack of pro experience, Wilder took him into the deep water last time and drowned him.

‘That’s the only real fighters I see on his record that you can say this guy is a real credible fighter because of his amateur career because he hasn’t beaten anybody as a pro either. So when you look at it, Tyson Fury did take a bully that hadn’t been beat yet and no one thought could be beat and he walked him down and beat him.

‘Right now, he still has to beat a few more fighters to become one of the greats but he is a great fighter. I told Tyson Fury about four or five years ago that if you get yourself together and rededicate yourself, you could beat all these guys. That’s what he’s doing right now.’

The 34-year-old Wilder had boldly stated previously that he could beat a prime ‘Iron’ Mike and even called out the boxing legend’s record in an astonishing rant.

Tyson could be seen celebrating soon after Fury won the fight: