Mike Tyson Cries As He Speaks On Feeling Empty Without Boxing: ‘I Feel Like A B-tch’ (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson was once known as the most dangerous man on the planet, and it can be argued it still remains that way at age 53. Even still, the former world heavyweight champion worries what might happen if the old Tyson comes back.

On the Hotboxin’ podcast, with fellow boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard — Tyson tearfully recalled how he studied the art of war, how not being a boxer made him feel like ‘nothing’ and how he feared if the old Tyson came out then ‘hell would come with him.’

“I know the art of fight, I know the art of war, that’s all I ever studied,” an emotional Tyson explained at the 14:00 moment of the podcast. “That’s why they feared me when I was in the ring, I was an annihilator. It’s all I was born for. Now those days are gone it’s empty, I’m nothing. I’m working on the art of humbleness… That’s the reason I’m crying cause I’m not that person no more, and I miss him. Because sometimes I feel like a bitch, because I don’t want that person to come out because if he comes out hell will come with him.”

He went to add that he actually fears the man he used to be, stating he “hates” who he was because he’s “scared of him.”

Tyson had serious issues outside of the boxing rind early on his career as he was arrested for rape in 1991 and serve just under three years in jail.

Tyson was seen in much better spirits in Las Vegas as he watched Tyson Fury, who was named after him, defeat Deontay Wilder via KO in the seventh round.

You can watch the entirety of the podcast between Tyson and Sugar Ray below:

Tyson retired from boxing in 2005.