College Football Team Plans To Incorporate XFL Rules During Spring Game

(Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The XFL may ave only survived one season back in the day, but their impact was felt throughout as many of the things they incorporated during their short time were taken by the NFL and still used to this day.

Less than a year of coming back and the 2020 season already has one team ready to use of their newer rules.

The Citadel plans to use the unique XFL rules for kickoffs and extra points for their upcoming spring game. The Citadel head coach Brent Thompson explained that he liked the XFL kickoff rule because it’s better for player safety.

Via The Post and Courier:

“The last two weeks I’ve been watching the XFL, and I really liked a couple of aspects of it… One thing I really like is the kickoff. During a spring game, you don’t usually do a kickoff, because it can be a dangerous play. But the way the XFL does it is pretty safe, and it was a chance to get a special-teams play executed.”

The Citadel will include a few of them in its spring game March 7 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Among the different rules scheduled for use:

• The XFL kickoff rule in which the kick is from the 35-yard line with the coverage team lining up at the return side’s 35-yard line, 5 yards away from the return team. Neither team can move until the returner catches the ball.

• There is no traditional PAT after a touchdown, with the offense having the option of running a play from the 2, 5 or 10-yard line, worth 1, 2 or 3 points, respectively. If the defense forces a turnover and return it to the end zone, the resulting score is equal to the number of points the offense was attempting to score on the play.

• There can be double-forward pass as long as the first pass is behind the line of scrimmage.

• If overtime is needed, it will be shootout-style. It will consist of five rounds with each team getting one play to score from the 5-yard line. If the teams are tied after five rounds, the attempts will continue until one team is leading at the end of a round.