Pete Alonso Dropped An F-Bomb Live On ESPN While Mic’d Up During Game vs. Cardinals (VIDEO)

If major League Baseball is going to start lacing misc on baseball players going forward, they are going to have to roll with a 10-second delay to catch any potential swear words.

Such was the case during Wednesday’s spring training game that featured the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals — Pete Alonso was mic’d up and dropped an F-bomb during ESPN’s broadcast.

As Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader stepped up to bat, Alonso taunted the player. “If he gets over here, I’m gonna give him hell,” he said. “Did you guys get that? He just f**kin’ smiled at me.”

The Worldwide leader in sports likely doesn’t appreciate the f-bomb going live, but it’s great for baseball and makes for great television.