Kentucky Fan Apologizes For Hurling N-Word At Game After Being Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

People that are truly racist are never sorry about being that way until they get caught doing it.

This was the case earlier this week when Kentucky Wildcats fan Ashley Lyles turned towards some celebrating Tennessee Vols fan and hurled the n-word at them….with the hard R.

She is now apologizing after being caught on video and being blasted about it online, according to TMZ.

“My reaction after the game was unacceptable, period,” Lyles said.

“It was against all values of the University and state of Kentucky. I humbly apologize to the individuals at which my words were directed. My words were hurtful and hateful and have no place in this world.”

“I apologize to the University and state of Kentucky for the embarrassment I have caused. I want my apology not just to be in words, but in actions moving forward.”

University of Kentucky has reportedly already reached out to the young man who was the target of that slur and formally apologized on behalf of the school.

The Tennessee Vols won that game 81-73, securing a win over a top-10 opponent and improve their record to 17-13.