Youth Hockey Coach Beats Up A Referee After Heated Argument Leads To Being Pushed (VIDEO)

Youth sports tend to bring out the worst in parents all around the country, but this one is a little bit of different. This next story actually involves a head coach.

A youth ice hockey coach in Kingston, Massachusetts was seen brawling with a ref during a break in the game, but many are not blaming him for what happened.

The video below shows a heated argument between the two that got the coach out on the ice. The ref would soon take the argument to a different level when he shoved the head coach down to the ground.

The head coach then got up and retaliated with several punches before the two got separated.

The video was later retweeted by the official Newton North Boys Hockey account, which called it “disappointing behavior at a youth hockey game in Kingston, MA (The Bog, Rink 2) at 630 tonight.”

The user who posted the video claimed the coach spit in the ref’s face, which caused the ref to push him.