Pro Hockey Players, Coaches Engage In Massive On-Ice Brawl (VIDEO)

Fights happen in hockey all the time, so many of them go without being reported because it’s allowed and they happen so often. This particular fight was much more different than others we have seen before.

The Columbus River Dragons were in the midst of getting blown out with a score of 7-3 in the 3rd period against the Carolina Thunderbirds in Winston-Salem, N.C when controversy erupted.

All players from both teams in the Federal Prospects Hockey League engaged in some heated trash talk that got so out of hand that both coaches removed their jackets and were ready to throw down.

Shortly after, multiple players began to fight and wrestle all over the ice.

As you can hear, the play-by-play announcer was loving every minute of this.

“Oh, I have never seen this in all my years of covering hockey!” the guy said … “It’s a melee! Everybody from the bench to the ice has a dance partner!!!”