Upset MMA Fans Jump & Beat Referee After Disagreeing With His Decision Over Winner (VIDEO)

An MMA tournament in Cherkessk, Russia ended up in complete and utter chaos after multiple people stormed the Octagon and engaged in a fist fight with the referee.

This was all done because they disagreed with who the ref picked as the winner of the match.


“The bizarre incident took place on March 7 during the ACA Young Eagles 12 fight between Dzhaddal Alikbekov from Kabardino-Balkaria and Alim Gugov representing Chechnya.

After Alikbekov was declared the winner, Gugov’s supporters who were infuriated by the referee’s decision rushed to the octagon attacking the official.”

“I was welcoming guests and didn’t watch the fight. A refereeing error might have occurred, but it should have been challenged calmly. We have specially appointed people who can review the referee’s actions. We don’t need obnoxious behavior here,” Khamzaev said.

Security staff and police officers were forced to come in and stop the unruly crowd from beating the ref any further.