Umpire Claps After Clayton Kershaw Drills Jose Altuve In The Face In ‘MLB The Show’ (VIDEO)

This is what we’re left with in 2020, watching people intentionally throw pitches at players on the Houston Astros on a video game.

With sports coming to a halt in the United States, fans have taken their talents to playing video games even more, with ‘MLB The Show’ just coming out and garnering a lot of attention. Much of that attention is people posting clips of themselves hitting Astros players with pitches.

One particular clip shows Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw drilling Jose Altuve in the face with a ball.

What make it funny is that the umpire could be seen clapping right after:

This is all baseball fans will have to look forward to as the USA and the rest of the world tries to combat the spread of the coronavirus.