Ex-Oregon State WR Sprays Disinfectant On Football Before Catching It Amid Coronavirus Fears (VIDEO)

This is incredibly athletic and hilarious at the same time.

Rahmel Dockery played WR at Oregon State from 2014 to 2016 who began posting videos to his YouTube page back in college that detailed his experiences.

“I just blogged about our games and what that experience was like because I wanted to motivate kids,” Dockery said to The News Tribune in 2018.

“I developed a deep passion for making entertaining videos. I was making a workout video one day to inspire some kids, and I did a cool catch.”

Most of his videos include acrobatic catches through the legs or behind his back, and for the most part, seem to make him go viral each and every time.

That was the case this week when he posted a video of himself in a hazmat suit spraying a football with disinfectant while in mid-air. He then caught the ball with one hand under his leg.