NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Rants On People Playing B-Ball Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (VIDEO)

New York governor Andrew Cuomo was not pleased on Sunday at the way some of the state’s residents are handling the coronavirus outbreak.

He was particularly upset when it came to people continuing to play basketball amid this crisis.

“I play basketball,” he said. “There’s no concept of social distancing while playing basketball. It doesn’t exist. You can’t stay six feet away from a person while playing basketball. You can, but then you’re a lousy basketball player and you’re going to lose. You just cannot do that.”

It was funny how he delivered the message, but he makes a valid point.

In fact, we’ve seen examples of people not only playing basketball but others engaged with people and doing outside activities while ignoring COVID-19 altogether.

Here’s a bunch of folks in Cali not really caring:

Experts have stated multiple times that the best way not to overwhelm the health system is to practice social distancing. Unfortunately, there are tons of people in this country who are not taking this thing seriously and likely think they are immune from tragedies. They are not only putting themselves at risk, but thousands of others.