Social Media Detectives Wasted No Time Finding Out Who Jamal Murray’s GF Was After Sex Tape Leaks (PICS)

Denver Nuggets player Jamal Murray had to send out an apology on Sunday morning after a very explicit video of his girlfriend giving him oral was posted to his Instagram story.

The former first-round pick in 2016 said that his account had been hacked, so he decided to deactivate his profile entirely. Even still, the video was out there and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

As expected, social media users wanted to know who the young lady was in that video, and she pretty much revealed herself when Harper Hempel tweeted and asked for anyone who “has the video” to “please delete it.”

Murray’s girlfriend is a former Kentucky volleyball player and it looks as if she also deleted her Instagram after the video surfaced. We can still have a look at how insanely hot she is:

After that video got released, Jamal Murray became the first NBA player in league history to hit a game winner off the court amid a virus pandemic.