VIDEO: Karl-Anthony Towns Says Mom In Coma Due To Coronavirus In Emotional Video

On Tuesday night, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns took to his Instagram to share a heartbreaking video that not only stressed the importance of taking Coronavirus precautions seriously, but to reveal that his mother is currently in a medically-induced coma due to COVID-19.


“Sharing my story in the hopes that everyone stays at home! We need more equipment and we need to help those medical personnel on the front lines. Thank you to the medical staff who are helping my mom. You are all the true heroes! Praying for all of us at this difficult time.”

“I think it’s important that everyone understands the severity of what’s happening in the world right now, with this Coronavirus,” he says at the outset of the video clip, in which he looks visibly rattled. He reveals that last week both of his parents fell ill, and he urged them to go to the hospital and get tested for Coronavirus. He goes on to explain how his father was sent home to self-isolate, while his mother could not leave, her condition continued to deteriorate. Her fever remained high, her lungs and cough were getting worse, meanwhile medical professionals were doing all they could. Although there was at one point a glimmer of hope that she was improving, things went “sideways.” Eventually they had to put her on a ventilator, Towns explains, clearly upset. “It came to a point where…It’s been difficult. It’s been very difficult for me and my family to say the least. She’s the head of our household, she’s the boss. She’s been in a medically-induced coma,” he confirms.

Sending our best wishes to Karl-Anthony Towns and his family during this difficult time.