Teddy Bridgewater Plays Madden 20 To Get Familiar With Panthers (VIDEO)

Unlike any offseason in recent memory, teams that have new quarterbacks this offseason are at the biggest disadvantage as the coronavirus won’t allow them to actually engage with each other much as it continues to take its toll on the United States.

That has left players like Teddy Bridgewater to get rather creative.

Bridgewater signed a 3-year, $63 million deal with the Carolina Panthers in free agency and recently spoke with the media about how he’s using the Panthers on Madden 20 to familiarize himself with the team.

Via The Riot Report:

“You get a feel for the roster, so that’s a huge help,” Bridgewater, who has a 75 overall rating on the latest iteration of the game. “You also have the internet for that – but just being able to play in video games with these guys, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, those guys – you realize how awesome they are in video games and it excites you.

“Man, I can’t wait to [play] with these guys in person.”

Whatever works during these trying times.