Floyd Mayweather Blasts NFL Over Antonio Brown, Gives Him Advice On How To Avoid Paying Taxes (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather feels like it is quite ridiculous that allegations against Antonio Brown are keeping him out of the NFL, and made sure the NFL knew about it during a video chat.

The conversation between him and Brown happened on Instagram live:

“They need to let you play in the NFL, man. They need to stop worrying about what you do on the outside.”

“You can get arrested 40 times, 50 times,” Mayweather told AB on Friday … “Do that got something to do with you catching the ball or what you doing on the field?”

“You’re supposed to be in the NFL. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time! He’s not requesting you for no reason!

“He’s requesting you because he know every time he throw it to you, you’re gonna catch it.”

“Just stay focused, you’ll get back in the NFL. You’ll get back! There’s too much talent for them to let go down the drain! We need you with the Raiders, we need something in Vegas!”

Brown responded, “I want to get it back. Tell ’em we can run it back, do this right!”

Full video:

Mayweather also raised some eyebrows when he spoke with Brown about there not being a law about paying taxes and how to avoid them.

They both would soon start flashing cash.

Mayweather and Brown on the spread of the coronavirus: