Someone HILARIOUSLY Redesigned NFL Logos as President Donald Trump (PICS)

Donald Trump is making headlines everywhere these days, including around the NFL thanks to his relationship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady’s endorsement has probably earned Trump plenty of support among Patriots fans, and now it seems very likely that The Donald will see an increase in support from fans of other teams around the league once they get a load of these NFL logos redesigned as Donald Trump.

Who knew a man with a horrible hairpiece could be transformed into a Redskin, Charger, or Buccaneer? The people at Uproxx, that’s who.  And that’s why they’ve given us this wonderful creation.

You can check out some of the NFL logos redesigned as Donald Trump via the gallery below.  And to see the rest of them, as well as other cool logo ideas, check out Uproxx’s work here.