FDA Sends Stern Warning To Kyle Turley To Stop Claiming CBD Can Cure Coronavirus (TWEETS)

(Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)

Kyle Turley believes marijuana saved his life, telling Sports Illustrated and USA Today the plant allowed him to stop taking painkillers, saying it cured him of chronic pain, vertigo, rage (including homicidal tendencies), and more.

“Without a doubt, cannabis saved my life,” he told Benzinga. “I wouldn’t be where I am today; I would not have my family, my kids, my house, everything I have right now, if not for cannabis.”

Fairly recently, the former NFL player has been telling anyone who will listen that CBD has the potential to treat coronavirus.

“What are we going to do here?” Turley told USA TODAY. “Are we going to go into quarantine? Or are we going to live? And if you choose cannabis, I’m here to tell you that you’re going to live.”

Turley, who is a former top-10 pick and 2-time all-pro, kept repeating these unfounded accusations so much that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned several companies last month to stop making unsubstantiated claims about coronavirus cures.

“FDA is taking urgent measures to protect consumers from certain products that, without approval or authorization by FDA, claim to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19 in people,” the FTC and FDA wrote in a joint letter to Turley. “As described below, you sell products that are intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19 in people. We request that you take immediate action to cease the sale of such unapproved and unauthorized products for the mitigation, prevention, treatment, diagnosis, or cure of COVID-19.”

He appeared to mock the warning on Twitter:

Turley has previously claimed that CBD can cure cancer, and many other diseases. Nothing he has stated have been tested or supported by any real science.

If you’re having a hard time remembering who Kyle Turley was, he was the same guy stuck up for his teammate by ripping the helmet off his opponent and tossing it: