Tom Brady Said Matt Cassel Teased Him Relentlessly When His Testicles Turned Another Color

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Tom Brady said he would “let loose” during an exclusive interview with SiriusXM host Howard Stern and that he did.

On Wednesday, he delivered just that during a 2-hour session where he covered a wide-range of topics from his departure from the New England Patriots, his relationship with his wife, and some stories from the locker room.

One of the eye-popping stories came when Brady shared an injury he suffered to his testicles. Brady said that he suffered a hernia while playing, but didn’t know how bad it was until he pulled down his shorts and saw the damage.

“The testicles were like, literally like one side was like an orange,” Brady said. “And then the other side was normal. And I was like ‘something’s wrong here.'”

Backup quarterback Matt Cassel was there to not only see the injury, but make fun of Brady as well.

“My backup quarterback at the time, Matt Cassel, drew pictures of me with this one huge testicle on one side, and he would leave them in my locker every day,” Brady said. “‘Purple balls’ he’d call me.”

“Man that s— hurt,” Brady told Stern. “That was a really tough injury.”