Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Agrees To Date Random Fan After Admitting She is ‘Super Alone’ (PICS)

Tennis star Genie Bouchard just wanted some companionship while being stuck in the house.

The Canadian star took to Twitter last month and stated she was stuck in coronavirus lockdown in Las Vegas without a male doubles partner, saying “I feel like quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend.”

She would find herself with thousands of comments and direct emssages of men wanting to keep her company.

While on an Instagram Live with sportscaster Allie LaForce fairly recently, the 26-year-old finally found her doubles-partner when she spoke on her single status yet again.

“I’m super alone. It’s really lonely, I’m literally alone,” the 26-year-old Bouchard said.

“If you’re still in the honeymoon phase [of a relationship] I think quarantine is perfect for that.”

LaForce decided to put a fan named Bob Menery on the Instagram Live after he referred to the tennis star as a “smokeshow.”

Via RT:

“Menery then disappeared from the conversation only to pop up again in Bouchard’s direct messages, resorting to the tried-and-tested “Netflix and chill” line in a bid to tempt the tennis stunner into a date.

As the Instagram discussion between LaForce – who is married to baseball star Joe Smith of the Houston Astros – and Bouchard continued, Menery then returned with the promise of a donation to charity to seal his chance of a date.

After offering $500 for the privilege, LaForce said Menery would need to up that offer to $3,000 to be of real help to the Project Frontline charity she and her husband have partnered with to deliver meals to healthcare workers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Menery duly agreed, with Bouchard then saying she would honor the terms.

“You’re also helping me, being a matchmaker for me because I clearly need one,” Bouchard told LaForce.

“I agreed, yes, of course. I want to be part of this [date].”

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The discussion concluded with Bouchard promising that the pair would “DM about it” to arrange the final price and details of the date.
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