Mets’ Marcus Stroman Challenges NASCAR’s Kyle Larson To Fight: ‘He Needs His Ass Beat’ (TWEET)

Marcus Stroman, much like many people in the country, are rightfully upset with Kyle Larson.

NASCAR’s Kyle Larson caused a major uproar after he dropped the n-word while participating in an iRacing event when he thought he had lost communication.

The comment was immediately met with shock from other drivers.

Anthony Alfredo: “Kyle, you’re talking to everyone, bud.”

Aaron MacEachern: “Yup, we heard that.”

Conor Daly: “Yikes!”

Justin Botelho: “Oh, damn! He did not just say that.”

On Tuesday, the New York Mets pitcher took to Twitter and challenged Larson to a fight over him using that racial slur.

“He should never be allowed to race again in NASCAR,” Stroman tweeted. “Said that derogatory word so nonchalantly. Your apology doesn’t matter. Post-career… I’ll fight this man in a UFC event for charity. He needs his ass beat. Would love to hear him say that word in the octagon!”

The 27-year-old driver not only lost all of his sponsors and got suspended, but Chip Ganassi Racing fired him from their team.

The California native has 101 top-10 finishes, including six victories, since breaking into the NASCAR Cup Series in 2013.

Where Larson’s professional racing career goes from here remains to be seen. His reputation is likely forever tarnished.