Ex-Tennis Player Shares Conspiracy Theory On COVID-19 & ‘Microchip Implanting’ of People

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Marat Safin is like a lot of conspiracy theorists out there, he believes there is a bigger endgame to the coronavirus that everybody doesn’t quite see yet.

The Russian Tennis legend shared his thoughts on Instagram by suggesting the coronavirus pandemic would be used for the mass implanting of microchips into humans.

“I think they are preparing people for ‘chipization’ [chip implants],” Safin, 40, said in an Instagram chat with Russian outlet Sports.ru.

“Back in 2015, Bill Gates said we’ll have a pandemic, that the next enemy is a virus, not a nuclear war.

“They did a simulation at the Davos [economic] forum of what it would be like. I don’t think Bill Gates is a predictor, he just knew.

“I think with this virus the situation isn’t like what we’re being told, but people believe it all, the horror stories on TV.

“Some people believe civilization will end, I don’t believe that. We’ll just be going around with chips soon,” Safin added.

The former world number one and two-time Grand Slam winner took it even further by suggesting there were some shady things going on behind the scenes.

“They’ve put the whole world [in lockdown] at home, so everything works,” said Safin.

“I think there are guys even bigger than world leaders who are the real masters of money, the masters of the world, they can turn things around easily.

“Call it a shadow government, call it whatever you like. I think we don’t even know they exist.

“The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are well-known names, but someone else is behind them.”

Whether he believes there is something bigger at play or not, it does not take away from the fact that there are almost 2 million people infected with the virus worldwide, with over 120K deaths to go along with it.