Floyd Mayweather Violates Stay-At-Home Orders, Bikes Through L.A. With Huge Entourage (PICS)

(Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather has never been a man to listen to what others tell him to do.

The retired undefeated boxer was recently spotted biking around Los Angeles with a large entourage, despite social distancing guidelines.

Even though most in the crew were seen wearing masks, Mayweather elected to not wear a mask or gloves.

“You can see in the pics, only some of the riders — not including Floyd — are wearing masks … while others are awfully close to getting within 6 feet of each other, a big no-no in coronavirus times.

TMZ Sports has learned this isn’t a one-time ride either … we’ve been told Mayweather and his crew have been on this same ride throughout the week.”

Dr. Fauci would not be pleased by this.