Alex Smith Had Quad Muscle Surgically Moved Into Shin In Order To Save His Leg (VIDEO)

Alex Smith has been to hell and back after his devastating leg injury that he suffered against the Houston Texans in 2018. His road to recovery was hindered by infections that required 17 follow-up surgeries and that was actually the least of his worries.

ESPN is set to reveal new details of the former number one pick’s long road to recovery in a new E:60 documentary ‘Project 11’.

“This guy is where they took part of my quad,” Smith says … “And that’s what is down here.”

In the clip above, Smith could be heard discussing the removal of a thigh-long quad muscle from his left leg to aid the reconstruction of its opposite, as well as the various skin grafts that occurred over the course of 17 his surgeries.

Smith suffered one of the worst NFL injuries in recent memory when he was sacked by J.J. Watt and Kareem Jackson and it resulted in both a spiral fracture and compound fracture in his right leg.

The former #1 overall pick hasn’t given up on his career, but even if he fully recovers, he should probably never step foot on a football field again.