NFL Set To Release 17-Week Schedule, Planning For Fans To Be In Stands In 2020

(Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for The Rise Up for Resilience Gala )

Now, this is some news sports fans wanted to hear.

Late next week, the National Football League will be releasing its full 17-week 2020 schedule without any changes to it, despite the coronavirus still being around. League spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed to ESPN that the schedule will include its September 7th opener, the Super Bowl on its regular day, and visions of fans in the stands as normal.

“We plan to start on time,” McCarthy said.

The initial schedule also won’t have any Saturday games despite the idea being thrown around earlier this week.

The NFL also isn’t considering gathering players in one location in order to save the season, something that has been brought up by the NBA, MLB, and NHL.