Korean Baseball Team Uses Boy In Bubble For Socially Distanced 1st Pitch (VIDEO)

The Korean Baseball Organization officially kicked off its 2020 season Tuesday and thanks to ESPN, viewers in the United States can watch the games. It should be noted, however, the games come on very early in the morning.

The ceremonial first pitch at one of the games kicked things off in a memorable way when a young boy came out and delivered a socially distanced first pitch from inside a large, clear balloon.

Via Reuters:

“Lee Raon, a nine-year-old baseball fan, stood on the mound. But instead of throwing the ball, the boy, inside a giant clear balloon, walked towards the catcher in what was called a “socially distant first pitch” for South Korean club KT Wiz on Tuesday.”

This, of course, has everything to do with the global COVID-19 pandemic that has infected millions of people and killed thousands of others.