Tenn. State RB Jordan Bell Had A Partial Leg Amputation After Bike Crash, Hopes To Play Again (VIDEO)

Jordan Bell, a running back for Tennessee State, is currently in recovery mode from a motorcycle accident last month that forced doctors to amputate part of his left leg.

The 20-year-old was riding his red 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in Nashville when he suddenly hit a pothole, lost control and was thrown from the bike.

Bell skidded on the asphalt and crashed into a concrete wall, all while feeling his skin burn and hearing tire screeches, as he recalled to the Tennessean.

He laid flat on the road, eyes closed, refusing to look at his left leg he could no longer feel.

“I just feel like God had a hand on me,” he said to the outlet. “I could’ve gotten ran over.”

His left leg was severely damaged that doctors decided it was in his best interest to amputate below the knee.

While at home, his teammates organized a social distancing visit to show their support so players and coaches showed up wearing medical masks and brought along with them some signs and balloons to lift his spirits.

Via TMZ:

“But, get this … according to family members, one of Jordan’s goals is to “eventually play football again.”

“I’m not going crazy, thinking about my whole future right now,” Bell told the Tennessean. “But I’m [motivated] to make big chunks in progress [toward] what I’m focused on. And what I’m focused on right now is mid-May. That’s when I’m going to walk and do everything myself. I’m going to be ready for my prosthetic.”

Bell played in all 12 games for TSU in 2019, recording eight tackles and a punt return for a touchdown.