Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Wins Auction To Watch Football With Roger Goodell (VIDEO)

What could possibly go wrong?

Over the weekend, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy took to Twitter to celebrate winning an auction to watch a “Monday Night Football” game with Roger Goodell in his basement man cave that we all saw during the NFL Draft.

If you’re not aware of why this is a big deal, Portnoy and his company have basically been a thorn in the side of Goodell and the NFL starting back in 2015 when they staged a protest outside the NFL’s New York City headquarters to protest the four-game Deflategate suspension for Tom Brady.

Things have only gotten worse as Portnoy created a clown Goodell t-shirt to profit off of as the NFL hit back at them by kicking him out of Super Bowl 53 media day and the game itself, which was a 13-3 Patriots victory over the Rams.

“Good charity. Great charity. I’m happy to give the money. Let’s f–king help people,” Portnoy in a Twitter video, in which he sported the aforementioned t-shirt. “We got all day. Football takes what, three, four hours? No handcuffs, no jail. I won fair and square. Let’s put that money to good use. Call me. Man cave. Your place.. Let’s f–king do it.”

“Guess who won the auction. This guy. 250 grand, quarter milli, that’s how much it cost me,” Portnoy said in a video posted to Twitter, in which he’s wearing a Goodell clown nose shirt and a Fire Goodell hat. “Great charity. I’m happy to give the money. Let’s f—— help people. Let’s go watch some football, Roger.”

Barstool employees have also been banned from official NFL events in recent years. Goodell has never spoken publicly about them.