Sammy Watkins Believes He is An Alien, A New World Order Is Coming

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Bleacher Report released a very in depth profile on Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins and it will be the wildest thing you will have read in 2020.

Much of his interview is his view of the world and the constant battle of evil vs. good that we all engage in daily.

Watkins talking about the fragility of life:

“All of the things we think are bad…aren’t bad. God could be Satan, Watkins explains. Jesus could be Lucifer. Watkins started to feel a dragon-like, snake-like presence around him, and then, when he went for a drive, he saw something that petrifies him to this day. He doesn’t dare vocalize details, doesn’t dare risk welcoming this sight back into his life. But it horrified him. It was demonic. It made one thing clear to Watkins: “There’s s–t that can happen in this world that can take your life, my life, if it wants to,” he says.”

His concept of religion:

“He believes in a god, a higher power, but, no, his belief system can’t be neatly packaged into a Wikipedia page. He begins by looking around the New Orleans-themed Big Easy. Two older gents at the bar are debating how Bernie Sanders is going to pay for his campaign promises, a dog that was barking on the patio just left with its family and jazz blares as two of four ceiling fans slowly rotate. But, Watkins explains with a grin, there’s something else here that’s present. Something beyond three-dimensional comprehension. He’s convinced we only see 1 percent of this universe. And tapping into the “unseen” world—other dimensions—obsesses Watkins.”

Watkins speaking about his soul jumping from body to body:

“To other dimensions. He can’t see them yet, but he can feel them. After one of his teammates scored a touchdown last fall, another Chiefs player stormed in Watkins’ direction to shout, “Good s–t, Sammy!” Watkins looked at him, dumbfounded. His interpretation for the mistaken identity? His soul had leaped into the player who actually scored.”

Watkins also believes that he is an alien and that he actually saw somebody teleport:

“Not only did Watkins believe. Watkins told him he once witnessed someone teleport. Before Davis knew it, they were talking about spaceships. (Watkins says he’s seen one.) And aliens. (Watkins believes he himself is one.)”

Following the Super Bowl victory over the 49ers — Watkins couldn’t shake the feeling that evil was coming and how a new world order is upon us:

“My job is to really…” he says, cutting himself short. “It’s a new world coming. It’s definitely coming. I don’t know what direction it’s going, but there’s definitely a new order coming. I don’t know who’s going to be in control of it, but we’re in the Dark Ages right now. For sure.”

Dark Ages? What? He doesn’t break cadence.

“The darkest times ever. And there’s going to be more darkness, more craziness.”

As in…?

“Just darkness. … Just the way the world is turning. The s–t you’re seeing. People are getting taken. Killings. The dying. The way the world is turning. I don’t think it’s any human that’s doing—there are other things.”

During the 2019 season, Watkins had 52 catches for 673 yards and 3 scores in 14 games.