Vince McMahon Fighting To Unseal Oliver Luck’s Termination Letter, Lays Out 3 Reasons Why He Was Fired

On Tuesday, Vince McMahon filed papers in federal court trying to unseal the termination letter he sent to XFL CEO and Commissioner Oliver Luck on April 9th, according to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic.

“Luck in his lawsuit has sought to seal the letters and his contract. McMahon does not object to the sealing of certain contract terms but apparently wants the termination letter public.”

McMahon argued:

“In this case, Luck improperly seeks to seal not only the generic terms of the Contract, but also the letters addressing the reasons for Luck’s termination. There is no reason, let alone a compelling reason, for sealing such information that would outweigh the presumption of public access to judicial documents.”

XFL commissioner Oliver Luck was fired by the startup league one day before it was announced that it was shutting down for good. According to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal, there are three major reasons for which McMahon’s lawyers claim that Oliver Luck was fired.

  • His handling of the coronavirus pandemic early on
  • The signing of controversial former NFL wide receiver Antonio Callaway
  • The personal use of an XFL-issued iPhone

The league stated early on that it would not accept players with legal issues. Callaway was talented, but he was facing a second suspension during the 2019 season for a violation of the league’s substance abuse at time of release.

The league had hopes of returning for 2021, but has since filed for bankruptcy.