Holly Sonders Details How One Golf Question Caused Her To Be Called A ‘Dumb Bimbo’

Fox Sports’ first year covering the US Open turned in the worst day of Holly Sonders’ life.

That’s what the former TV reporter told on Paige Spiranac’s “Playing A Round” podcast earlier this week about her time at Chambers Bay golf course in 2015. The 33-year-old says she was harshly criticized for asking winner Jordan Spieth after his win whether he had packed a fifth outfit for a potential playoff the next day.

“People were like, ‘Oh my God you are the stupidest person I’ve ever met,’” she said on the podcast.

“‘What a dumb bimbo’. That was probably the worst day of my life, the next day. I remember sitting on the charter flight to the Women’s Open, watching all this come in (even by) some people who were friends of mine in the media.

“To this day, I don’t even understand. It was a joking question to Jordan, I understood … I got destroyed by that.

“After that, I was like, ‘F*** it.’ If all these people I had given so much to in the world of golf are going to come down on me on that, then forget it.”

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Sonders essentially became the first victim of Fox’s coverage that was skewered by fans, so she got reassigned from on-course interviews to the postgame show a month later.

“That hardened me,” said Sonders, who had become a star at Golf Channel before leaving for Fox.

“That was probably the hardest month of my life. I left the comfort of Golf Channel for a new crew with Fox, who is the best crew in the world. Everybody crushed all of us. I give the most credit to everybody at Fox. We got better and better and we were a close group.”

Sonders left Fox Sports in October 2019.

“After 10 years of it, and the same golf crowd, I just wanted to live my life,” said Sonders, who recently got engaged to controversial gambler “Vegas Dave” Oancea. “All my relationships failed, ’cause I was doing NFL on the weekends. I had accomplished on TV what I wanted to accomplish. It was just time to live my life.”