Quinton Dunbar Flat Out Denies Being Part of Robbery, Has 5 Witnesses Proving Innocence

Quinton Dunbar is not letting his good name be slandered any longer in the media.

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s lawyer hit back at Miramar police department over an arrest warrant being sent out for him.

The defense lawyer also claimed there are five witnesses who have signed signed sworn affidavits that exonerate the football player of any involvement in a supposed armed robbery that took place in Miramar.

The Miami Herald has more info:

“Dunbar’s defense lawyer, Michael Grieco, said on Friday that the five witnesses attested that Dunbar was in no way involved. He said he presented the affidavits to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, but prosecutors are still requiring Dunbar turn himself in to be jailed.

“All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said.

Greico lashed out at Miramar police for tweeting about the arrest warrant and “tagging” Seattle’s account.

“I have never in my career seen a police department so excited about arresting a celebrity,” the lawyer said.”

Seattle’s media relations department tweeted: “We are aware of the situation involving Quinton Dunbar and still gathering information. We will defer all further comment to league investigators and local authorities.”

What a major plot twist.