Tom Brady Gets Blasted For Promoting $45 Immunity Vitamins Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Tom Brady is selling a non-FDA approved, homeopathic medley of vitamins that allegedly will “activate your immune system.”

The Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback took to social media on Monday and posted a video of him holding a new product called to help immune systems recover.

TB12 released Protect, which is an immunity blend supplement made from clinically studied ingredients. It is a nutrient intended to help the body recover from every day and exercise-induced aches.

The product sells on the TB12 website for $45.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to have daily support for a healthy immune response as our bodies are subject to constant stressors that deplete its resources,” TB12 CEO John Burns told Yahoo! Sports. “Ingredients like Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry in our new Protect blend help improve antibody response, regulate inflammation and eliminate foreign challengers. This reinforces healthy cells while aiding in the recovery of your immune system so you can stay strong and protected.”

Here’s what Brady said about it on Instagram:

When he dropped that link on Twitter, fans began to blast him for trying to profit off this product while people are in fear because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.