Deandre Baker Was Playing ‘Madden’ When Robbery Occurred, Per His Lawyer

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

A lawyer representing New York Giants cornerback Deandre Baker, who is accused of committing armed robbery and aggravated assault last week in Florida, says his client had nothing to do with the incident because he was playing Madden.

“Far from an individual who’s going somewhere with an alleged intent to rob somebody, an armed robbery, to go there and hook up his ‘Madden’ game, play the game for over an hour and then leave it there and go home,’’ Patrick Patel, one of Baker’s attorneys, told The Post on Tuesday.

Baker is facing four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault stemming from the alleged incident. He could be facing a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for each of the four armed robbery charges.

Baker was said to be the ring leader in the scenario, directing others to take money and jewelry and even telling a third guy to shoot someone who just walked into the party.

The arrest warrant stated Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar stole more than $12,000 in cash and expensive designer watches.

On Monday, Baker entered pleas of not guilty on all eight charges against him.

Patel stated Baker arrived at the party carrying his “Madden” console, two controllers and a charger. He stated he hooked us his stuff up in another area of the house and had no clue what was even going on.

“And this ruckus blows out in another room in this house,’’ Patel said. “He doesn’t have anything to do with the ruckus. He didn’t even see it. The only thing he sees is out of the corner of his eye a table getting flipped over and everybody running, screaming and yelling. And he’s out. Thank God he bounced.’’

Patel said Baker was wagering on the outcome of the “Madden” contests but that there is no evidence he lost $70K based on his bank records that show him withdrawing $1,500 in cash two days before the party.

“He absolutely, positively, 100 percent guarantees he didn’t gamble no $70,000, didn’t gamble at all with this group prior or during this whole issue,’’ Patel said.

Baker has a permit to carry a gun but did not have it on him the night of the party.

“They want to completely dramatize this thing by saying he had a gun on him,’’ Patel said. “Unfortunately, he’s the target man there. He’s the scapegoat. He’s the most famous, successful person at the party. So that’s the guy you’re going to finger because we can get the most money from him if we charge him.’’