JTG Shares Touching Text Message From Shad Gaspard After He Was Swept Out To Sea (PIC)

Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard has been declared missing since he was submerged under a large wave on Sunday. He and his son were pulled out by a riptide at Marina del Rey in Venice Beach, California and rescuers haven’t been able to locate Gaspard since then.

Dozens of fans and wrestlers have since taken to social media to basically talk about the good times and just hoping he has survived somehow.

Gaspard’s old partner JTG took to Twitter with the screenshot of a message Gaspard sent him back in January.

Gaspard left the WWE in 2010, but continued to wrestle on a part-time basis for independent promotions up through this past January. His acting career had picked up as he appeared in movies like Get Hard, Brothers and Birds of Prey as well as television shows like Big Time Rush, Key & Peele, From Dusk till Dawn: The Series and In the Cut.

WWE has not released a statement as of yet.