Ex-WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard’s Body Found On Venice Beach After Going Missing (VIDEO)

Horrible news from the wrestling world as fears were confirmed that Shad Gaspard was indeed deceased after going missing over the weekend when he and his son got caught up in a riptide on Venice Beach.

TMZ Sports has confirmed his body has since been found and matches his description.

“The body was first seen on the beach by a citizen who called cops around 1:30 AM Wednesday … according to our law enforcement sources. We’re told officers responded and recovered the body right near Venice Pier.

The L.A. Fire Department held a news conference Wednesday morning, saying the body matches the description of Shad … a 6’6″ black male over 240 lbs.”

Shad was said to have told lifeguards to forget about saving him and to save his son instead, which they did. Shad went under and wasn’t seen again until his body was found.

Prayers to the family.