Horace Grant Rips Jordan For Scottie Pippen’s Portrayal In Last Dance: ‘Straight Up Bullsh-t’ (VIDEO)

(Photo credit should read KIMBERLY BARTH/AFP via Getty Images)

Horace Grant continues to demolish the popular docuseries “The Last Dance” after he took issue with the depiction of his former teammate Scottie Pippen.

Pippen was criticized for his contract situation with the Bulls, even stalling a back injury in the summer, and sitting out during the last play of a playoff game in which Toni Kukoc took the last shot.

Grant took major issue with Michael Jordan calling Pippen “selfish” for not getting his back issue addressed right away prior to the start of the 1997-98 season:

“It was straight-up bullshit,” said Grant. “It was straight-up bullshit how they portrayed Scottie. I mean, in terms of being the No. 2 on that team and how he came out in terms of — against Utah — he could barely walk, getting knocked on the floor, the whole nine yards. For that documentary — for MJ to call him selfish — that’s straight-up BS. If it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen, there would be no six championships.”

Grant at the 2:08 mark:

Horace had already gone on record to dispute that he was the team snitch for the ‘Jordan Rules’ book, and hit back at Jordan with calling him a snitch in return for speaking on the ‘traveling cocaine circus.’