Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Admits Sleeping With Random Fans ‘Weekly’ After Breakup With GF

(Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)

Nick Kyrgios is a man that deals with a ton of controversies, but it doesn’t appear to ever bother him.

The man who has been dubbed tennis’ ‘bad boy’ once again made headlines when he opened up about his recent break up with Anna Kalinskaya.

Via dailymail:

“What happened to Kalinskaya? Nothing happened,” he told fans during an online stream of Fortnite on Thursday.

“We just went our separate ways.

“Unfortunately things didn’t work out. We had some fun memories.”

He also stated he has been sleeping with his female fans on a weekly basis after that breakup.

“Yes,” the Aussie said. “In all seriousness if I’m not seeing someone it’s like a weekly thing.

“Eastern Europeans just have my heart on the get-go.

“Tall Eastern Europeans I’m just like ‘take half my earnings’.”

Kyrgios said he was in the midst of playing Roger Federer at the Laver Cup in 2018 when he spotted an attractive woman in the crowd.

“I was slicing up Fedz and was like ‘damn’,” Kyrgios recalled. “I wanted to take her out for a drink.”

Kalinskaya also opened up about the breakup with Kyrgios.

Kalinskaya explained that the two are not even friends and are not in talking terms. She also took a dig at Kyrgios as she called him a “fuck energy vampire”. She also added: “You’re not a bad boy, you are simply a bad person.”