Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Blasts The President, Says She Might Run For Office (VIDEO)

Megan Rapinoe has taken several shots at the President previously, but she has left her most damaging comments for what is going on in the world today.

The United States women’s national team star and World Cup winner labeled him a “white nationalist” and even hinted that she would think about running for office.

On Trump:

“I think we know that immigration does not cause loss of jobs. Immigration is actually good for the economy. We know that women in the workforce is good for the economy. We know that equality is good for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for society and ends up costing us more money in the long run, the war on drugs, whatever it may be. I think that that has proven to be really detrimental.”

“And, the spewing of hate and the ‘other-ing’ of the rest of the country has only led to more rife between people and more despair and more anxiety and more fear going forward.”

“There’s been nothing to ease Donald Trump’s base. It’s not like he’s giving them a bunch of jobs,” she continued.

“It’s not like he’s made life really better for them. He’s just given them this false reason why maybe they’re not happy with their lives. There’s been no sort of path forward.”

On possibly running for office:

Are we ever going to see your name on a ballot?

I’m not totally shutting the door, but it seems wild.

What have you secretly fantasized about running for?

I mean, President, of course. If I’m going to do, I want the biggest, baddest post. That way, I can be the president, but then I get to pick everyone else who’s way smarter and way more qualified and way better at everything to actually do the thing. I’m not here being like ‘I’m the smartest, I should be the president.’ I’m actually like ‘I’m wholly unqualified for probably any position in government,’ but I’ve got that little bit of humility where I can be like ‘You’re smarter, you do this, you do this, you do this.’